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Big the cat ( biggu za kyatto) is fictional character from the sonic the hedgehog series. he is large, anthropomorphic purple cat who lives deep within mystic ruins. though imposing of stature, big is gentle and easygoing, though somewhat dimwitted person with heart of gold. he also possesses incredible strength and toughness that makes him one of . sonic character ysis big the cat big (sonic the hedgehog) who dat? [character review] sonic forces speed battle big the cat new character! (hd widescreen)

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[mkwii] big the cat on flame runner (custom character) game grumps best moments big the cat who would have guessed that sonic dash would receive an update in with new sonic character? sure wouldn'have but here we are big the cat made his appearance in sonic dash! Big the cat really lives up to its name, being rather large and slow. however, as with most slow characters, big makes this up with sheer power, being the most powerful character in mugenhunter'full game series. some may even say that this power even overcompensates the slow speed, but somewhat more advanced special and hyper commands are also present. evolution of big the cat ( ) duration . nintendocentral , views. . sonic the hedgehog and knuckles [longplay] duration . hfplaythroughs recommended for you . sonic & sega allstars racing is kart racing game in the sega superstars series produced for wii, xbox , playstation , nintendo ds, microsoft windows and mac os , featuring characters . Big the cat is large mobian cat with great strength who loves fishing. during dr. eggman'attempt at using chaos to destroy station square, big found himself caught in the middle when his friend/pet froggy became part of eggman'schemes and isted sonic the hedgehog in stopping perfect chaos. since then he has been recurring ally of the heroic hedgehog and other members of the freedom .

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