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in the end it depends on what theyre for. vector is more for digital base media and has limitations just as raster does. raster is generally what will become of digital images (both vector and raster forms) when being output from the digitial for. how are raster images and vectorgraphics different? weve covered the key differences, advantages, and disadvantages between raster and vectorgraphics in their respective explanations now, lets break them down for comparison purposes. here are the three most important differences between raster and vector. . pixels versus math designers, webmaster, and marketers that are starting out find it difficult to understand the difference between raster and vectorgraphics. vector and rastergraphics are two types of digital graphics used in various projects. the vector image consists of mathematical formulas that control the Vector graphics systems were retired from the .. en route air traffic control in , and are likely still in use in military and specialized systems. vector graphics were also used on the tx at the mit lincoln laboratory by computer graphics pioneer ivan sutherland to run his program sketchpad in .

Raster vs vector . there are two main type of image files raster and vector. raster images are created with pixelbased programs or captured with camera or scanner. they are more common in general such as jpg, gif, png, and are widely used on the web. vectorgraphics are created with vector software and are common for images that will be . before we begin with what vectorgraphics and raster graphics are, we must understand few basic terms pixel in computer graphics pixel, dots, or picture element is physical point in picture. pixel is simply the smallest addressable element of picture represented on screen. the data file for vector image contains the points where the paths start and end, how much the paths curve, and the colors that either border or fill the paths. because vectorgraphics are not made of pixels, the images can be scaled to be very large without losing quality. rastergraphics, on the other hand, become "blocky," since each pixel . this is our very first about the difference between vector and raster graphics open for more info o design friends, this is the very first vi. overall, as comparedto vector graphics, rastergraphics are less economical, slower to display and print, less versatile and more unwieldy to work with. remember though that some images, like photographs, are still best displayed in raster format. common raster formats include tiff, jpeg, gif, pcx and bmp files. despite its shortcomings .

finally an accurate and easy to understand deffinition of the difference between vector based and raster based graphics. adobe certified expert steve potter explains the differences in this easy .

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