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Vector database is digital collection of vector backbones embled from publications and commercially available sources. this is free resource for the scientific community that is compiled by addgene. only the plasmids deposited at addgene are available for purchase through this website. commonly used plasmids for ..... consortium cdna clones. insect cell vectors. commonly used baculovirus and insect cell plasmids. luciferase vectors. commonly used luciferase plasmids. lucigen vectors. cloning, expression, and tagging vectors. mammalian expression vectors. commonly used vectors for gene expression in mammalian cells the give basic introduction to plasmid vectors. bacterial vector for expression of nterminally xhistagged proteins with thrombin site. for other reading frames, use peta(+) or petc(+).

Plasmidmap noeclone .demo virtual cloning laboratory. pdraw .. scientific software for the molecular biologist simvector . demo tool for drawing publication and vector catalog quality maps ape .. plasmid editor bvtech plasmid .demo dna plasmid drawing software xplasmap . dna mapping program for mac os puc is commonly used plasmid cloning vector in .coli. the molecule is small doublestranded circle, base pairs in gth, and has high copy number. puc carries basepair multiple cloning site polylinker that contains unique sites for different hexanucleotidespecific restriction endonucleases. how to read plasmidmap features of plasmid mapp. key terms elements, name and size of the plasmid, orientation of the promoter, plasmidmap, restriction enzymes, restriction mapping. what is plasmidmap. plasmidmap is graphical representation of plasmid, which shows the locations of major landmarks or elements of the plasmid. Plasmid pmalcx from dr. paul riggs'lab is published in appl microbiol biotechnol. sep(). doi ./sy. epub jun . this plasmid is available through addgene. plasmapper version . the plasmapper server automatically generates and annotates plasmidmaps using only the plasmid dna sequence as input. plasmid sequences up to , bp may be annotated and displayed. plasmid figures may be rendered in png, jpg, svg or svgz format. plasmapper supports an extensive array of display options.

use our dna sequences and maps tool to view the sequence files used to produce plasmidvectors, viral and bacteriophage maps from neb'catalog.

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