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the vector w is sports car produced by american automobile manufacturer vector aeromotive corporation from to . it was designed by company founder and chief designer gerald wiegert while receiving refinements by vector'head of engineering david kostka. when founded, vector represented america'first attempt to compete with european performance car manufacturers like ferrari, lamborghini, and lotus. altogether around vector supercar models were developed and produced during the s and s including some racing versions mostly built using american made components. was very impressed with this supercar! vector raven incredible! supercar raven was designed by the tated young designer dmitry lazarev, under the brand lada raven. now, the team of engineers . the most powerful vectors big block liter v engine is capable of over , horsepower. the durable race engineered allaluminum midmounted highoutput engines will establish the new vector wx as the fastest and most powerful production automobiles since the original vector w twin turbo was put in production.

vector w out driving in beverly hills throwback thursday the vector the vector w is the craziest supercar ever made vector w twinturbo supercar , walkaround and highlights vector w twin turbo why did people bash it?

vector starting up at supercar sunday vector supercars slide vector raven russian awesome supercar! (lada raven) like it! vector w twin turbo ride and drive vector w twin turbo supercar extremely rare the president of vector aeromotive corporation hasnt had the luxury of the latter option, even though hes been workingsince at his dream of designing and producing the twinturbocharged vector, bhp seat midengine supercar built of advanced materials and with aeroe systems technology. vector m the vector m was vehicle designed by parent company megatech ltd the vector motors corporation, and was the first vehicle produced after the hostile takeover of the company from jerry wiegert by the indonesian company megatech. the model was produced from to , when production was halted, partly due to . check out the latest vector cars models, prices, review, news, specifications and so much more on top speed! Vector motors corporation (vmc) was founded to be an advanced vehicle & consumer product technology company (vcptc). vmc was created to be the worlds preeminent, independent, american based hypercar company. vmcs mission is to design, manufacture, market and sell ultrahigh performance aeroe engineered vehicles to the highest standards in the automobile industry. that spectacular tucker isn'the only car you should grab at the rm auction in monterey next month. oh no. there'vector! if you've got coupe million dollars burning hole in your apo .

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