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Amyrose ( em rzu), formerly known as rosy the rascal ( rj za rasukaru), is fictional character from the sonic the hedgehog series. she is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with major crush on sonic the hedgehog. since meeting sonic on little planet, amy has become his. after the events in sonic shorts volume , sonic and amy have finally cleaned up the area, used some extra lives and have decided to 'unwind', but their peac. Amyrose (. , em rzu) ist ein antropomorphes igelmdchen, welches, seit sie von ihm gerettet wurde, in sonic the hedgehog verliebt ist. sie ist frhlich, stets gut gelaunt und kann andere mit ihrem optimismus anstecken. amy besitzt jedoch viel temperament und wird schnell wtend. ihre. #vectorplays vector the crocodile, the legendary detective in sega'sonic the hedgehog series plays sonic mania plus with the now infamous amy mania xl plus mod. amy fat xl plus sonic mania plus .

welcome to super smash bros brawl / sonic mods in sube emissary. today, 'using an amyrose mod and we go through the first part of the wilds! welcome to let'play super smash bros . Amy, on the other hand, claimed him to be the one and only useless kid on team rose. vector also had some trouble communicating with amy due to their age difference, as amy was outraged when vector used figure of speech to describe he was getting serious, believing they lost earlier because of him. this is amyrose'theme tune in sonic adventure dx. the song is "my sweet pion" by nikki gregoroff this is gallery subpage for sonic channel. note that it contains all images from the said article. if there is an image that belongs on this article, please insert it on this page. team chaotix ( chmu kaotikusu), also known as the chaotix crew, and just chaotix ( kaotikusu), are group that appears in the sonic the hedgehog series. they are trio of detectivesforhire consisting of vector the crocodile, espio the chameleon and charmy bee who run the.

all bosses compilation of sonic heroes without taking damage for ps. gamecube, xbox and pc (p & fps) enjoy rate comment subscribe =) activate .

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