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avatar the last airbender ucle iroh leaves from the vine brave little soldier boy soundtrack. this is owned by nickelodeon. www.nickelodeon this feature is not available right now. please try again later. Iroh was wellreceived character in the series. he was seen as zuko'foil with him being the elderly, mellow and wise individual and zuko being the young abrasive nave prince. iroh and zuko'relationship was praised for its auticity and humor. iroh is described as "mystical buddha" who served as zuko'moral comp. the aging general wanted to relax and appreciate life more, an atude that led to his retirement and engendered relationship between him and zuko. iroh felt empathy for the young prince, who had been injured and shamefully banished by his father, and wished to help him with his struggles zuko'uncle viewed him as an adopted son.

idea belongs to elia de matteis music the truth danny elfman this is purely fanmade and is in no way ociated with the musical artist or film// company in any way. all the . tales of ba sing se episode dedicated to mako iwamatsu whom ped away on july , after long battle with esophageal cancer. reuploaded on here due to removal on channel princessazulatv. the strongest man on earth uncleiroh bad cool fantastic intelligent perfect wise he is all in person #avatar the airbender rambo prince lu ten was the son of general iroh, the nephew of ozai and ursa, the cousin of zuko and azula, the grandson of azulon, the greatgrandson of sozin, and second in line to the fire nation throne. while serving his nation in combat as soldier in the fire nation army, he was killed during. leave it to uncleiroh to correct his wannabe robber'stance, make him delicious tea, give him career advice, and share some of his infinite wisdom. while in ba sing se, man attempted to rob uncleiroh, but he had no idea who he was messing with. iroh easily took him down, and seeing that the man isnt exactly the criminal type, decided to .

Uncleiroh will now teach you how to brew fine jasmine tea. teabrewing firebending master shares his secrets.

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