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this sonicx music is based off of bgm played in episode of the kids version of sonicx. transposed the music off of kids one and "remade" it, so hope you enjoy it. Vector the crocodile ( bekut za kurokodairu) is minor character in the series sonicx and its comic series published by archie comics. he is the current leader and head honcho of the chaotix detective agency, alongside espio the chameleon and charmy bee. vector is large. team chaotix music sonic tlts vector the crocodile lola bunny summon night swordcraft story music diverging hearts

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sonic days of future past trailer sonic adventures the algea'always fat sonic boom tv show e trailer the leader of team chaotix, vector the crocodile, will be appearing in the sonic boom tvshow! learn more in this . source https//twitter/billfreiberger/st. Vector the crocodile is character that appears in the sonic boom television series. he is an anthropomorphic crocodile and professional detective with his own crime investigation reality show on seaside island'television network. vector'character draws some inspiration from duane. were back with our first full collab in years, and this time vector the crocodile has taken the reigns as he ventures around the entire sonic franchise with. Sonicx is anese television series based on the sonic the hedgehog game series published by sega. produced by tms entertainment and directed by hajime kamegaki, sonicx initially ran for fiftytwo episodes, broadcast on tv tokyo from april , to march , . he aqu una pieza musical extraida directamente de la serie de sonicx, de la versin que llego espaa, es decir, la americana. el motivo de su creacin ha sido porque la ost de america de . Sonic boom is an americanfrench computeranimated television series, produced by sega of america, inc. and technicolor animation productions in collaboration with lagardre thmatiques and jeunesse tv, respectively for cartoon network, c , and gulli. start your free trial to watch sonicx and other popular tvshows and including new releases, clics, hulu originals, and more. its all on hulu. additionally, vector would show up to motivate sonic to defeat the time eater during their final battle. during the phantom ruby incident , their relationship was more prominent, as they teamed up along with the rest of sonic'friends to free the world from the eggman empire.

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