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ashura in karbala etymology. the root of the word ashura has the meaning of tenth in semitic languages hence the name of the remembrance, literally translated, means "the tenth day". Ashura is religious observance marked every year by muslims. the word ashura literally means "th," as it is on the th day of muharram, the first month of the islamic cadar year. when is day of ashura celebrated in islam day of ashura is the th day of muharram . this day comes in the holy month of muharram every year on its th day. this year the day of ashura will come on th september in the world. Ashura, also known as the day of ashura, is muslim religious holiday which is celebrated on the tenth day of muharram in the islamic cadar which varies on the gregorian cadar depending on the date and when the moon is first sighted. Ashura, the islamic new year starts with muharram. th and th of muharram are collectively known as the daysof ashura. ashura or th and th muharram will start on th of september according to the sighting of the moon. the day of ashura is marked by muslims as whole, but for shia muslims it is major religious commemoration of the martyrdom at karbala of hussein, grandson of the prophet muhammad. it falls . when is ashura? the day of ashura is the th day of muharram in the islamic cadar. it marks the remembrance of muharram but not the islamic month. spilling blood for their religion young boys lashing their own backs with small knives and chains to mark the holy muslim day of ashura. tiny shiite muslim boys whip themselves with sharp blades to mourn the death of prophet muhammads grandson fasting on muharram , known as the day of 'ashura', expiates for the sins of the past year. when the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) arrived in madinah in ce, he found that the jews there fasted on muharram and asked them the reason for their fasting on this day. shi'ite pilgrims reach out to touch the tomb of imam alabbas located inside the imam alabbas shrine, ahead of ashura, in kerbala, iraq, september , .

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