Monday, November 24, 2014

FINALLY!!!! SLAM update!!!

I know you guys have been dying to know about, and any updates...and I FINALLY have one for you!

First of all, whether you've given us $25 or $250, each and every donation has meant the world to us, and is finally being put to good use.

To fill you in, 8 years ago I heard that there were over 30 sober high schools throughout the US.  4 in Boston area alone.
Yet NYC & state has zero.

We at SLAM have worked our asses off trying to get the NYC board of Ed to give us a yes to go ahead with the school, and despite many people passionately supporting the idea, and multiple meetings with the board, we've been unsuccessful.

Our one true champion through all of this has been Erik Bottcher as well as Michelle Lipinski, the brilliant & talented principal of our sister school in Mass, North Shore Recovery High school.
She's come down to meetings at city hall, attended fundraisers, always bringing dazzling graduates of her program.

I have to be totally honest, I was on the verge of shutting SLAM down & donating the raised funds to Michelles school. I mean, after multiple failed attempts to get the board to understand the dire necessity of a program like this, I began to feel hopeless.

Thank God for our passionate board, run by Thomas Krauss, and the exceptional support of Joe Schrank, Dr. Scott Beinenfeld, Julie Michaels, and ALL OF YOU.

We went back to the drawing board & decided, ego aside, THE KIDS are what matter.

Therefore, we've decided to partner with certain already established schools as a jumping off point. We've hired (with all the monies you've already donated to us, and hopefully some more) someone brilliant who can spearhead establishing this program in schools.

We may begin with 5, 10 students in schools, but our goal is to eventually grow to such an extent that the board has no choice but to provide us our own school.

I realize this is a bit general at the moment, and it's all I'm at liberty to provide you with as of yet...but I know many of you have been understandably curious to know where your donations have gone. I'm thrilled to report that we now have a solid plan. It's not what we originally set out to do, but since 8 out of 10 of ALL ADDICTIONS begin in the high school years, and ONE in THREE US teens now meets the criteria for addiction, I say whatever we can do to provide kids with counseling & a safe place to go to begin their recovery, that's a win.

I'll be starting another T-shirt campaign shortly. (NOT with cigarette this time!)

I'd like to ask anyone with a cool artistic bent, feel free to send your designs for t-shirt to either me at @kjothesmrtass, or to

Who knows? maybe your design will be used! the only thing I'd like to be included is our website, and the logo above (designed by the brilliant @FagsyMalone)

Otherwise, the skies the limit.

As for any of you asking how you can help, at this point, RTing this blog would help the most.

And if any of you are so inspired, NOW is the time to go on our site, click paypal and give what you can. No amnt too small.

Sorry so cryptic, I promise to give you exact specifics as soon as I'm able.

We love you all

Kristen Johnston
Thomas Krauss
Joseph Schrank
Clint Ramos
Michelle Lipinksi
Terrence Noonan


  1. Great news! Thanks for the update - retweeting, too.

  2. Finally a step in the right direction!! I am beyond thrilled for you!! Congratulations!!

  3. I knew you would do something to get things start. Thank you for the update, & keep going lady. You & got some guts! Retweeting. Congrats.

  4. This is Fantastic news. It's time for me to Pay It Forward as you have helped me & thousands of others.
    I'm really happy that ALL YOUR HARD WORK has Lift Off! Yay!

  5. Thank you all for your support, truly. But I have to say, after the horrific year I've had health-wise combined with the constant "nos' from Board of Ed...I truly was about to give up. Thanks to Thom Krauss & Michelle Lipinski, they and they alone breathed new life into SLAM.
    Credit where credit is due...


  6. I posted this on my FB page( don't have Twitter). Blessings to you and all those working along side you on your endeavors to get this school started. I don't believe your work is in vain.
    Take care,

  7. Thank you and BRAVO!!! Dear Funny Lady - thank you for the sweet acknowledgement - you know how much I BELIEVE in what you are doing and SLAM. :)

    Just in case you folks haven't heard yet - you can now shop ONLINE and give back to SLAM while you do on - you must always shop there for SLAM to get 5% of your purchases - here's the link to get you started
    Choose SLAM and then every time you shop on SMILE.Amazon - a teenager who needs sobriety help in school will win!

    And, if you haven't, sign onto SLAM's Email list to hear the latest updates.

    Best blessing the Fab Kjo - you are most most loved (never mind the poopie people if you know what I mean!) '-)
    You are loved and SO appreciated by so many for what you do!!!
    Julie (formerly Michaels) Elizabeth Knell

  8. Just saw you in brife wars and I think you are great.You bring humor to even the most mundane role.Hope your health is improved.Alex.From Israel.

  9. How come you got so big? You were so beautiful always on third rock. WHAT HAPPEN?

  10. I saw a very big lady in movie 'Mom' eating with others. Was that you, Sally?


  11. I saw a very big lady in movie 'Mom' eating with others. Was that you, Sally?

  12. I am new to your blog, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed you on the shows you have been on, and also the literature you have written. You are a breath of fresh air to those who can speak to what you preach. Thank you! If you ever do a book reading or a meet and group in the SF Bay Area I would love to meet you.

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  14. Thank you! I was shown as Anonymous just now. My name is Theresa

  15. In my humble opinion you're one of the funniest comedic actresses of all time. Funny, beautiful, and intelligent...what's not to like? I really do miss not seeing you on the screen much these days.