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The original version of this blog was posted Tuesday, February 3, 2015. I kept it up a week, then took it down. I made my point, and I didn't want to have to read such nastiness on my own blog.

However,  it recently came to my attention that Bullyville, a renowned & very popular site that aggressively goes after cyberbullies & pedophiles has now focused on my

Mrs. Spina has apparently renewed her assaults on me on twitter, out of misplaced rage. 

Therefore, I have no choice but to re-post the below, with the original comments. I'm closing any new comments.

I hope someday twitter finds a way to better protect those that are there simply to laugh, talk to people, and discuss issues.

Until then, tread lightly, my smartasses.

*The twitter handles of these people have since changed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

UPDATE: GUTLESS by Kristen Johnston

Warning: Materials included NOT for the faint of heart or those in possesion of any kind of soul.

This is not a story I want to tell, at ALL. In fact, I’d rather be doing something fun, like getting my arms chopped off.

It’s about a cyberbully.
More specifically, my experience with a cyberbully.

I’m a busy gal, I’ve been in this business a long time, and trust me, the last thing I care about is what people (especially those I don’t respect) think or say about me.
And when they’re hiding behind a fake name on twitter, I care even less.

However, after years of blocking and ignoring and reporting and blocking and ignoring this one particular situation, I’ve decided to finally address it,  for one reason only:
Because there’s one thing that’s even worse than when someone terrorizes you for no reason, completely determined to destroy anything that matters to you.  And that would be if a kid or someone with low self-esteem went through what I have… yet it happens every day.
No wonder people are killing themselves.
That’s why I decided to share my story. To say you’re not alone.

To be clear, this isn’t about mean comments. This isn’t something that you can block, ignore & it’ll go away. This is day after day, multiple accounts all created with the sole purpose of ruining your life.  This is about creating hate & porn-filled websites using a version of your name. This is multiple blogs filled with lies absolute lies about your reputation printed on a blog, as if they’re facts.

All of this, simply because I refused to block someone this woman hated.

The fact that this type of slander and disgusting terrible lies were allowed to continue while Twitter sat by, barely lifting a finger to help…it blows my mind. 

I dunno, but if someone is consistently proven to be a terrible scourge who tries to destroy people and twitter suspends them…how on earth are they allowed to create dozens of different accounts that same day, and continue on with their behavior?

I never wanted anything bad to happen to this woman. 

Now, I certainly don’t blame bullies or terrible people on Twitter. I’m well aware there are shitty people everywhere. But when Twitter doesn’t enforce it’s own TOS, or take real, true, proven cyberbullies seriously..most people feel Twitter doesn’t give a shit about them, as long as the promoted ads are running, who cares about anything else.

Which is why pretty soon it’ll just be the loons left, after they’ve forced everyone else to leave. 
Unless Twitter changes how they navigate the sickening behavior I describe below…

For Many years I've advised others to block cyberbullies & trolls. I still believe this is wisest & most effective, and I’ve done the same. However, in this one particular case I learned the hard way that it served to only exacerbate the issue, because for the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve been trashed and bullied by a disbarred lawyer/housewives blogger named Vincenza Spina and more recently, her cohorts-especially a gentleman named Brandon King, a self-proclaimed hacker who has multiple arrests and a long documentation of criminal behavior.

These two and a few of their pals have spread terrible lies about me and many others with abandon and zero regard to the truth. There are countless victims in their wake. 

Ms. Spina alone has caused many innocent people to leave Twitter. As far as I’m aware, she’s tried (and in a few cases succeeded) to destroy people’s careers & hurt their families. She’s called their bosses, made outrageous claims of illegal and immoral behavior they’ve supposedly done, accused them of harassing her, reported many to the IRS, released old, sealed arrest records (which she’s not above doctoring), posted peoples names and addresses, and in many cases (including mine) accused people of pedophilia or supporting it. She and Mr. King adore that one.

Until yesterday, I've never said one word about them publicly on twitter. I've only mentioned them in DM's in support of some victims of theirs who've reached out to me.

Before I go any further, I think it’s important to give you just a small taste if what I’ve been navigating for the past few years. Here's a twitter conversation that took place just a few days ago between Ms. Spina (she is currently @Buk_WheatMedia @BuckWheet) & Mr. King (currently @PirateLabCorp, @Psycho_Loyler)

A few helpful tidbits: 

*I’m “KJo”
*The 'LOLyer' they refer to is my own lawyer, a gentleman I was finally forced to hire in November after Ms. Spina crossed the line by posting my private emails to another party that she altered to suit her purposes on her "entertainment" blog trashing me. 
*The “Uniballer” is my friend Ed, a victim of testicular cancer. 
*Queenz Of Media is my friend Grace, a brilliant transgendered woman they accuse of being Michael Johnson, an alleged black prostitute with AIDS. She is white, doesn’t have aides, and her birth name was not Michael Johnson.
*Both Ed & Grace are among the very few who are unafraid of these people.

Since some of the following don’t seem to be posting, I also wrote them here…(joy)
These are from Brandon King to Faux:

*Kristen Johnson (sic) is friends with Michael Johnson aka QueenzOf Media a convicted  
  Pedophile, prostitute & admitted drug user.

*She uses a transgendered prostitue @QueenzOf Media to target people including children.

*She's too stupid to realize all her dms are avail through subpoena, when that gets out she'll 

  prolly end up in jail.

*She can't even get a bit part on TV. She's washed up. The End.

*She fails at everything apparently

*That washed-up D-list actress is a whack job.

*I bet Michael & his buddies have gang bangs on KJo.

*You gotta know KJo loves slobbing on Michaels Knob. EWW! That is one rank human being.

*That washed up D-list actress needs to get back on drugs, might help her personality cus she's    

  digusting sober. LOL.

*20 years later no one cares about her except trannies, trolls and the dregs of society, she's a 

  winner, derp.

*If it wasn't for John Lithgow no 1 would even know who she is or care she sucked on that  
 show anyway, every1 hated her character.

*Mostly cus her character was actually just her cus she can't act, she rode Lithgow dick to

  minor celebrity.

*Meh she's not a fraud she's a scumbag, she should have done the world a favor an OD'ed. She 
  sucks as an actress and a human being.

Here are a few of Vincenza Spina aka Faux aka @Buk_WheatMedia’s tweets:

*She surrounds herself with addictive personalities, easily influenced & tells them who to 
  follow, what to think & who to attack. 

*She's the ring leader. Her emails & DM's will be #Gold

*She keeps it under wraps by sending Cyst & Desease letters (Faux's adorable lawyer-speak for 

  Cease & Desist letters) to try to quiet legit stories mainstream picks it up. #BAAAAAM


Now, while I may suck as an actress, as an addict in recovery who celebrated my 8th year of sobriety in March,  someone wishing I’d overdosed is truly the lowest form of humanity there is. Especially coming from a gentleman with a well-documented  history of drug issues himself.
Regardless of the terrible things he’s said about me, I would never wish death upon him.

It’s also worth noting that I’ve done nothing to incite this rage.

Also, as many can attest, I’ve often DMed their other victims who were angrily tweeting about them & asked them to stop. 
That it's WHAT THEY WANT, and I don't want good people turning into hideous venomous hateful creatures. 
Let's leave that to them. 

In fact, these people would be quite surprised to know that I'm far from the "leader" of this "movement" against them. I certainly hope my DM's are "subpoenaed." Though the idea that either of these creatures would take me to court is laughable…for what? 

"Your honor, this woman has dared to defend herself against the multitude of lies & years of harrassment we've spread against her. HOW DARE SHE???!!"

Now, I admit I'm deeply flawed.

I don't know much, but I am positive about these things:
I'm loyal to a fault, 
I would never intentionally harm anyone, 
I try never to lie and I can't stand it when other people do.


About four years ago, I was new to social media and was being  harassed by someone who couldn’t understand why I couldn't cure him of his addiction. I had no clue how best to handle it, so I mentioned it to an actress friend of mine who had more social media knowledge than I. She instantly said she said she had the perfect person,  a woman who was an expert and ran a wonderful anti-cyberbullying site in her spare time.

That's how I met Kitty.

I liked her immediately, and eventually became email friends. Kitty had fantastic advice as to how to navigate this sort of thing...the best way to report to twitter, law enforcement, etc. Because this gentleman was somewhat of an ongoing issue, and I ended up having a few other undesirables over the years,  I happily compensated her for her time, wisdom and effort. 
I also donated to her anti-cyber bullying site, providing her interviews, allowing her to use my name & photo to promote her work....and, I tweeted about her & her site quite often.

That's when the lovely Vincenza Spina entered. 


She went by the handle @FauxRealityEnt then (she’s had many name changes since), who wrote a housewives blog (which at the time, was fairly popular). From now on, I'll refer to her as Faux.

Here’s why Faux began focusing on me. We interacted a few times right after I was on WWHL when GUTS 1st came out. She seemed okay, if a bit nasty, and I tried reading her blog but I don’t watch the Housewives and had no clue who anyone was. Plus, it was poorly written and seemed incredibly mean-spirited. 

Shortly after a tweet where I once again mentioned Kitty’s site, Faux began demanding I denounce Kitty and her husband as pedophiles. She had PROOF. 
I told Faux that I could’t do that. Kitty had done a great job for me, and that's all I knew of her. 
Faux kept insisting this woman raped kids, blah blah blah….

Kitty would write me daily in hysterics, so deeply traumatized by what Faux was doing to her. I felt just awful for her.
So I blocked Faux.  I guess she didn’t appreciate that so much.

Thus began her campaign of lies & hate against me. I kept hearing from people that she was constantly tweeting me cruel shit & writing derogatory blogs abt me on her website, accusing me of “SUPPORTING A KNOWN PEDOPHILE,” of being bi-polar, a bully, a psycho, that I’ve relapsed, that my charity is just a front to swindle $$, that I trash everyone, I’m a hypocrite & she can prove it (she never has) and that I have no career (which, coming from a disbarred attorney to a working actress is pretty amusing.) Nothing was off limits: my sobriety, the truthfulness of my book, my intentions behind helping other addicts.

I never read them, I’d just hear about them.
I never once responded.
I never said one word about her on Twitter until yesterday.
In fact, I never even reported Faux to twitter until a few months ago, in November. 
And that was only because I had to.

Soon, I began to learn that I was far from her first victim. In fact, I soon discovered that over the years this woman’s been on social media, people of ALL ages have been forced to suffer an ungodly nightmare brought upon them by Ms. Spina, a woman they’d never met. Careers destroyed. Children used as pawns of retribution & put in harms way. People’s names & home addresses posted.  Terrible lies. Pathetic accusations. So much terrible suffering.
All caused by this one person on twitter, and the few others who support her. 

Now, I'm a big girl.  People have every right to have whatever opinion they want about me.

But lying? Defaming?  Trying to get me fired? That’s another story. 
I'm sick to death of sitting silently by as these losers spend every minute of their unhappy lives spewing their noxious venom all over me & everything I've worked so hard for.

Which  is why, after careful consideration, I  decided to finally share my story of cyberbullying. This is my truth. No one else's.

Yesterday, I asked my lawyer if what's been happening to me all these years could be considered cyber-bullying. He replied:
"Cyber bullying is defined as harrassing or posting mean messages about or to a person online.  In your case, there have not only been malicious messages placed online about you via Twitter, there have been lengthy, untruthful and slanderous blogs defaming your person, character, employment and cruelly questioning your general concern to help others without any merit whatsoever.
To clarify, these online blogs and articles claim the exact opposite of what you do which is help people.
The online postings, blogs and articles paint you in and untruthful negative light solely for these losers to make themselves feel better and disparage someone for no reason whatsoever.
Therefore, I would certainly say that you are a victim of cyber bullying. In the process of cyber bullying you they have defamed you as well."
So, there you have it. I'm being cyber-bullied.
Sadly, I'm far from alone.

I'm not talking about the guy who wished death on you because you tweeted you hate country music. Or the woman who says really mean stuff about you. Or that high school classmate who can't seem to stop subtweeting about you.

Not that they aren't charmers, those li'l bully-wannabes. These are people you block and never look back.
I’m referring to someone from Facebook or Twitter who is absolutely determined to do everything they can to destroy your REAL life, your family, your career, your children and anything else you care about.

Back to Kitty. I tried to help her, (mostly just supporting her emotionally, and I did think what Faux was doing to her was unbelievably malicious) and when she claimed to be flat broke & begged me to help pay the retainer for an attorney who “said she had a slam dunk case of defamation against Faux,” I decided to send her the 2 grand. I even made an email appeal to others to help if they could. (Quite a few did.) More on this in a second.

Then, due to Lupus, I left twitter. I told Kitty I'd done all I possibly could for her, but that I had to deal with my dire health issues. She seemed to understand.

But 3 months later I learned she still hadn’t hired an attorney. I asked for a grand back, telling her she could keep the other half. She said something about having spent it all on her husband’s medical bills. Ok. Whatever. 
I wrote her back, saying that I understood. Could she at least email me a tax-deductible receipt, and I’d consider it a donation to her anti-bullying site?
I never got it.

I came back on on twitter briefly, long enough for another woman to DM me (private message) saying Kitty was trashing me behind my back & she went into details. I was astonished. I replied something like "I can't believe it! After all I've done for her...I've supported her with this Faux thing, plugged her site. I've even given her like 8 grand over the years!"
(I pulled this amount out of my ass. It could be more, could be less. I paid her many times in many different increments. Plus, the 2 grand for the “lawyer fees")

I soon left twitter again to treat my Lupus and to get away from all the toxicity.
That’s when, unbeknownst to me, Faux somehow got her hands on these DM exchanges, tweeted them & started writing blogs saying I accused Kitty of conned me out of 8 grand, etc. I had NO clue about any of this. I was off twitter, in the hospital at time.

Kitty (who never emailed me about this) apparently took the fact that I didn’t defend her publicly as….I don’t know… some sort of permission to betray me? I don’t know.

All I do know is Kitty ended up sending Faux many of our email exchanges. She’s publicly admitted this. The most ironic part is they were all written trying to support her.
I guess she did this to get Faux’s attention off of her & on to me?  Good for her, she was successful. Hope that feels good.

Someone would always send me the links to Faux’s blogs and (like all of her tweets) I never read them. 
However, I would immediately forward the link to a dear friend of mine, ex-FBI agent who’s now a cyber bully expert.

Every single time, year after year, month after month, he’d say the same thing to me: “It’s not against the law to write mean stuff.  Just ignore.”
Cool. I did so, happily.
I have better things to do than pay attention to some squawking asshole trashing me.

Then, for some reason, in November, Faux decided to kick it up about 300 notches. (I think she was reported by someone & assumed it was me?) She apparently wrote yet another lengthy, scathing & full of bullshit blog on her website about me, which I dutifully sent to my friend, expecting the same old response. Therefore I was shocked when he immediately wrote me back saying “Kristen, you need to get a lawyer. Now.”

To this day I still haven’t read this blog, but know a lot about it. In it, Faux decided to not only eviscerate me & my charity, but also accused me of being Bipolar, the most despised bully on Twitter (seriously, you gotta laugh at that one), a liar, a drunk, among many other things. She cced my bosses at TV Land & The Exes (Who have been well aware of her lunacy for a some time.)

So I hired a wonderful lawyer, a decent, kind, & tenacious man who had dealt with Faux before. He's been AMAZING.  He’s written a C & D letter to Ms Spina & her attorney hubby demanding they take the offending blog down, which she rejected in a ridiculous & truly hilarious manner. (Don’t worry, you’ll see for yourself soon enough.)

But oopsies. She made a very dumb move (especially for a former lawyer) and chose not only to post in her blog some of the private emails between myself & Kitty, but she posted them completely RE-WRITTEN.

This was obvious, as quite a few others had been sent the same exact email a year previous & had the original email. It was also proven by some computer expert on one of the many anti-Faux blogs that exist now.
Plus, I can spell, she can’t.

Here's mine, followed by what Faux altered & posted on her blog:

What Faux & Mr. King don't know is that my "LOLyer" has nothing to do with getting their many twitter accounts shut down. This is due to their many other victims, as well a wonderful friend of mine who happens to work at twitter, and he’s shown twitter legal department the years of torment they’ve spewn on me, and mostly dozens of others. He refers to it as “Whack a troll." 
Day after day, more of the same people create dozens of accounts with the same evil objective, are shut down, and instantly create yet more accounts  the whole thing begins again. They also took my twitter handle & made a disgusting porn site. I’m beyond over it.  
Here are a few from Faux & Brandon last week.

and a few more

Here's where they try to embezzle me out of 10 grand to "buy back" the hate blog

Faux claims she has “tons” of dirt on me, many emails & texts & DMs proving what an insane bipolar narcissist I am, and they will be enough to put the final nail in my ruined    career. (which, coming from a gal who doesn’t have one herself to someone who actually works is kinda ironic, no?) 
Regardless, they never appear.

She’s tried desperately to get any news outlet to pay attention to her, has giddily bragged about all her “contacts” at this or that entertainment outlet, and often tweets about how me, or this or that celeb will freak out when her story on them runs in the very near future. 
They never appear.

The reality is, I happen to know that many of these editors & writers do whatever they can to avoid her, ignoring her many pleas to contact her about her “dirt” on people.

So many lies. So many empty threats. 
She has also threatened many times to post my attorneys’ Ceast & Desist letter.
Let me save her the trouble. 
I've included the C & D letter below, as well as her response. I am sure Faux and her cohort will do everything they can to try and discredit it or spin it to their benefit.

However rest assure this is the God’s honest truth and whatever lies or stories they write in response to this blog are exactly that, lies, a spinning of the truth and just another act of online bullying and harassment to achieve their goal to defame and hurt me.   

I hope they do...every single disgusting lie they tweet & blog is being closely watched, and all they do is dig themselves in deeper & deeper. The most interesting part? All of this has been out of my control for a while now. It is all in the hands of people far wiser & more powerful than I.

There's more. Much more. But I don't have the stomach to repeat it.
As God is my witness, every single word above is 100% the goddamn truth.
Thank you for reading.


Kristen Johnston
aka @kjothesmartass

Here is the Cease & Desist letter sent to Vincenza Spina aka Faux Reality Entertainment:

December 3, 2014


Fr Entertainment, LLC d/b/a and 
Patrick Spina (Registered Agent) and
Vicenza Leonelli Spina (Owner and Operator)
2186 Linwood Ave
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Re:CEASE AND DESIST of the posting of false and defamatory articles and blogs pertaining to Actress and Writer Kristen Johnston
Patrick and Vicenza Leonelli Spina:

We are litigation counsel to Kristen Johnston. I am writing with regard to your blatantly false and defamatory blog written and posted on your website,, Twitter and other social media by you and your company. In addition, you intentionally, willfully and maliciously have taken my client’s private emails which you have no right or authority to possess and which you knew were altered by your online cohort named Kitty McCaffery (hereinafter referred to as “Kitty”) and subsequently published it so as to bolster your non-existent “proof” of Ms. Johnston’s non-existent negative behavior. All of your actions described herein violate Federal and State Laws and subject you to civil liability and potential criminal liability.


 On November 15, 2014, you wrote and posted an article on your website, alleging that my client has a bipolar personality on social media”, “inserts herself into controversy, promotes and encourages her followers to engage in Twitter warfare in an effort to commit bullying online” (insinuating she engages in cyber-bullying). Your article then attempts to include examples of this alleged behavior; however, it clearly includes incomplete and misleading information.

In February 2014, you wrote and posted several articles on your blog as well as Twitter stating Kristen Johnston knowingly supported and funded a website ( an anti-bullying website run by Kitty McCaffery), which you accuse instead profits off of victimsand commits cyber-bullying. This article further insinuates that my client was well aware that this was the purpose of the website, yet still participated in funding and supporting same. These articles and the statements contained therein are false, incomplete and misleading. They were made willfully and maliciously and knowingly solely to fuel your irrational desire to defame, cause harm to my client financially and in terms of her reputation.

Publication of these incomplete, misleading and totally untrue statements andinformation gives rise to liability for defamation since your presentation may imply an actionable and false assertion of facts. Ringler Associates Inc. v. Maryland Cas. Co. 80 Cal. App. 4th 1165, 1180, 96Cal Rptr. 2D 136, 149 (2002); see also, Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co., 497 U.S. 1, 19, 110 S. Ct. 2695, 2706, 111 L. Ed. 2d 1, 18 (1990) (Incomplete facts may still imply false assertion of fact.) “Although the truth of an alleged libel may be proven as a complete defense, it is not a defense to show that a statement contained in a publication, if taken alone, is literally true, when other facts are omitted which plainly refute the false impression of the partial statement. A statement is not true or even substantially true if, by implication, an entirely untrue impression is made by the omission of part of the facts.”, Express Publishing Co. v. Gonzalez, 350 S.W. 2d 589, 592 (Tex. 1961); See also Toney v. WCCO Television, Midwest Cable and Satellite, 85 F. 3d 383, 392 (8th Cir. 1996) (recognizing cause of action for implied defamation where defendant omits important facts). 

Furthermore, it would be immaterial whether the story’s untrue assertions are made as statements of unequivocal fact or by innuendo and implication. In either case, substantial liability will arise since it is well established that “defamation by implication stems not from what is literally stated, but what is implied.” White v. fraternal Order of Police, 909 F.2d 512, 518 (D.C. Cir. 1990). A defendant in a libel case is accountable and liable “for what is insinuated as well as for what is stated explicitly.” Kapellas v. Kofman, 1 Cal. 3d 20, 33, 81 Cal.Rptr. 360 (1969). It is clear that you are writing and posting articles online via your website and other social media and blogs which clearly are false, misleading and are done with the specific intent of malice, willful reckless disregard for the truth and, most damaging, with the specific intent to cause harm to my client personally, as well as to her reputation, thus committing defamation with the intent to cause prospective economic damage to her career and reputation. 

Mr. and Mrs. Spina, as a former and current attorney, I am sure you are aware that publishing a story predicated on obvious biases which omits or buries key facts and/or makes misleading assertions cannot qualify as a “fair and true report” under California Civil Code §47(d). A newspaper report is “fair and true” if it captures “the substance and gist, the sting of the libelous charge”, and while an article need not track verbatim the underlying proceeding [posting or information] the numerous articles you have posted have deviated so far from reality, are so substantially different from the truth, and are neither fair nor true.  

Your companies have clearly crossed all legal, moral and ethical allowances established, therefore you have clearly overstepped all legal boundaries.  Colt Freedom Communications, Inc. 109 Cal. App. 4th 1551, 1558, 1 Cal Rptr. 3d 245,250 (2003).

Furthermore, to the extent you believe that simply by republishing another’s statements; you have no liability, you are mistaken. At common law, one who republishes a defamatory statement is deemed thereby to have adopted it and is therefore held liable. Khawar v. Globe International, Inc., 19 Cal. 4th 254, 276, 79 Cal Rptr. 2d 178, 191-192 (1998). Moreover, the fact that you take another’s postings and report them does not provide any privilege or safety for you and your companies either. See above references to case lawdiscussing “insinuations.”  Your articles clearly take incomplete postings and statements and you piece them together to suit your goals of defaming and harming many others, including my client;  this is defamation.

On your blog, @FauxReelMedia a/k/a Faux_Reality a/k/a @_Faux_Says, a/k/a you, Vincenza Spina have unlawfully possessed an email of my client which you knew your online cohort “Kitty” had altered. This heavily altered emailed contains false and misleading statements which you knowingly published to further defame my client, in violation of Federal and State law as explained more fully below.   

Based upon the foregoing, I am demanding you immediately retract, remove from your website/blog, Twitter account and other social media the articles, any blogs or tweet’s referring to my client which you have posted over the past two (2) years.  Your inflammatory accusations are intentional, willful and malicious.  They are causing my client substantial emotional distress, financial damage, and a negative impact to her reputation and career. 

My client has chosen to never engage publicly or cast aspersions toward you, despite years of your completely unwarranted attacks, hoping that you would simply stop your attacks; however, since it is clear you refuse to stop, Ms. Johnston, as well as her legal counsel and management team have finally decided she has no choice but to take action.

Should you fail to comply with this cease and desist demand, my client will avail herself of any and all legal and equitable remedies available to her.


Federal Law, 18 U.S. CODE §2261A and California Penal Code  §646.9 specifically prohibits a person from engaging in a course of conduct specifically aimed at intimidating and harassing an individual which causes or is reasonably expected to cause emotional distress to  another.

It is clear that your several intentionally misleading, inaccurate and incomplete articles, written and published over a lengthy course of time (at least two (2) years between your website and twitter postings), constitute and establish a clear level of intent and your desire to stalk, harass and cause substantial emotional harm and financial damage to my client.  This violates Federal and State law and constitute criminal conduct as per the Statutes language and definitions contained therein.

In addition, you have gone so far so as to intentionally and willfully take possession of my client’s emails, which you knew were altered by “Kitty” and publish them to create false impressions, statements and characterizations of my client’s opinions, desires and actions to further pursue your goal of defaming and harming my client. This is clearly prohibited by Federal and State Law and is criminal. 

Once again, I am demanding on behalf of my client that you immediately retract, remove and take off of your website, Twitter account and other social media the articles, blogs and statements you have posted about her within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving this letter.Your failure to do so will result in my client seeking any and all civil and criminal remediesavailable to her. 


The articles and postings you write, publish, and reproduce violate Federal and State copyright laws.  Specifically, Federal Law prohibits the copying and displaying of photographs and written documents without authorization.  See 17 U.S. Code §106, §501 and related subparts.  In addition, California Civil Code §3344 and the common law right of publicity specifically prohibit the copying and publishing of photographs and written documents without authorization from the publisher.  

In your articles and postings you are specifically using my client’s photographs and written documents without authorization which constitutes a violation of Federal and State copyright laws as noted above.  I am demanding that you immediately cease and desist from further publication of her photographs and email letters and remove same immediately from all your articles and online postings. My client is entitled to all damages associated with your use of the photographs and emails as well as all attorney’s fees and costs as per Federal and Statelaw. In addition, your unauthorized use of these photographs and emails may subject you to damages of $150,000 per violation. 

Demand is hereby made that you contact me within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of this letter and confirm that (1) you will immediately cease and desist from further use of the photographs and emails; (2) remove all photographs and emails from your articles and postings on all social media; and (3) make a substantial payment to my client for her damages.

Again, your failure to comply with this demand will result in my client availing herself of any and all legal and equitable remedies available to her.  


The Communications Decency Act ("CDA") does not immunize a user of interactive computer services from a defamation claim arising out of her republication of statements authored by a third party, when the user knew or had reason to know of the falsity of those statements.  Stephen J. Barrett, et al. v. Ilena Rosenthal 9 Cal.Rpt.3d 142, A096451 (Cal. App. Crt., 1st App. Dist., October 15, 2003) reversed 40 Cal.4th 33, S 122953 (Cal. Sup. Ct., November 20, 2006). The social media blogs, websites, server hosts and registrars will be held liable for allowing you to maintain your website, posts on blogs and social media of your defamatory, inflammatory, malicious statements and for all damages associated with same. 

 Simultaneously with the sending of this letter, I am sending equally as informative cease and desist letters to each and every social media website, registrar and server host bywhich your website is maintained and your blogs and posts are published to remove same or suffer harsh economic damages and be the subject of injunctive relief requested in Federal Court. You and your companies will also be included in said litigation.

Your actions are unequivocally done with malice and with no substantive purposes other than to subject my client to harassment, stalking and defamatory remarks in your desire to harm her reputation, financially and emotionally. You are subject to punitive damages which I assure you are in the millions of dollars and to which my client will vigorously pursue should you not comply with these demands.


On several occasions, you have contacted my client’s employer by intentionally and willfully sending defamatory and false written communications (via email, blogs and articles) which serve no purpose other than to disrupt my client’s relationship with her employer and cause her economic harm.  This violates California Law, See (Youst v. Longo (1987) 43 Cal.3d 64, 71, fn. 6 [233 Cal.Rptr. 294, 729 P.2d 728].) and Federal Law as you are doing so using interstate communications to do so.  See Federal Communications Act.

I am demanding on behalf of my client that you cease and desist from any further communications with my client’s employer or any and all other business associates of my client.  Your failure to comply with this demand will result in my client seeking injunctive relief and legal relief for the damages suffered.  


Ms. Spina, my client has been a well-known Actress and Writer in both Hollywood and New York City for decades. Ms. Johnston has thick skin and is well aware that people have the right to state their opinions about her, good or bad. However, your articles, posts and blogs on your own website and other social media, as well as your determination to sully Ms. Johnston’s reputation, employment, as well as cast aspersions on her sanity and defame all the incredible charity work she has devoted her life and income to are far from opinions and critiques.  

They are a direct campaign by you to willfully and maliciously attack my client’s character, reputation and livelihood.  Your actions have placed my client in a position of having to respond to your misstatements and misrepresentations in order to preserve same.  

We are well aware of Ms. McCaffery’s involvement in this situation, and she will be dealt with separately.  

My client is providing this one opportunity for you to comply with these demands before we initiate legal action.  

You have twenty-four (24) hours from this moment to provide me a written notice (directed to my attention) stating that you have removed any and all articles, photographs, blogs, and tweets from your website and ALL social media/twitter accounts.  

Your failure to do so will subject you to costly litigation and the damages my client is entitled to.

Nothing contained herein is intended as, nor should it be deemed to constitute a waiver or relinquishment of any of my clients’ rights, whether legal or equitable, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.
Yours truly,

​​​​​​​​For the Firm

14747 N. Northsight Boulevard
Suite 111, PMB 309
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Patrick J. Spina, Esquire PC
97 Lackawanna Avenue, Suite 201
Totowa, NJ 07512 (Registrar and Server Host for

December 3, 2014
Re: and @FauxRealityE v. Kristen Johnston
Lorne E. Berkeley, Esq

I am responding on behalf of the owner of and @FauxRealityE. The website is not nor has it ever been FR Entertainment, LLC or in any way associated with that entity. That is a falsehood published by Kristen Johnston’s friend, Jill Ishkanian. I trust that Patrick and Vicenza Spina will respond to you if and when they are served.

It appears that Kristen Johnston found the perfect attorney to feed her craziness. Your letter is replete with misstatements of the law, absurd assumptions and false facts.

@FauxRealityE tweeted with Johnston on three separate occasions during the 3 years on twitter, all having to do with 3 articles pertaining to her over a year’s time. The handful of tweets (to which she responded) were neither harassment nor cyber bullying by any stretch of the imagination. Simply because Johnston cannot handle criticism or being called out on her social media shannanigans does not mean she was harassed. That’s absurd. And for you to cite the California Penal Code is even more absurd.

First and foremost, your accusations are baseless. If Faux Reality is in any way disrupted by you or your client’s baseless accusations, it will be us who come after Johnston, you and your firm for every injunctive and monetary remedy provided by law.

Secondly, Faux Reality has never harassed or bullied Kristen Johnston. It reported on Johnston, Kitty McCaffery and Rise and Stand attacking a legitimate business (Bling is the New Black, hereinafter “Bling”) by claiming Bling was infringing on Crochet Michelle’s copyright (Crochet is a close friend and business partner of Johnston). Rise and Stand went so far as to say it was working FOR/WITH Twitter! Johnston endorsed Rise and Stand and it’s antics. That was the first interaction with Kristen Johnston – a legitimate reason for the interaction with her -- Not to harass but to report how Bling was being improperly targeted. Johnston, McCaffery and/or Crochet repeatedly published that Bling had stolen and violated Crochet’s copyright . Johnston attempted to collect money to sue Bling for the copyright infringment with the assistance of McCaffery. Faux Reality published an article on the incident and the victims that lay in the wake of Johnston and McCaffery. It is Johnston who has been “in bed” with McCaffery so to say that McCaffery is a “cohort” simply because she forwarded Johnston’s email is laughable. Johnston should be publically apologizing to Bling for what she did and continues to do to that business thru McCaffery (and now her latest thug Queenz Of Media – Skyler St Coxx - Yes, your client is using an entity owned by an internet prostitute who terrorizes women on line and has been banned by many websites).

Third, as far as emails, McCaffery sent emails that were sent to her and to over 50 others by Johnston to prove the following: (1) Johnston contributed money to commence litigation against Bling for violating
Crochet’s copyright; (2) Johnston sent out emails to solicit funds for the litigation; (3) Crochet never had a copyright; (4) At some point Johnston and McCaffery discovered that Crochet lied about holding a copyright; (5) Neither Johnston nor McCaffery ever corrected their public statements that Bling violated a non existent copyright. In what State is it a crime or a civil violation for McCaffery to forward emails that she and others received regarding Johnston’s participation in the slander against Bling? Your allegation that Faux Reality somehow altered email is ridiculous. Faux Reality has the electronic version that was sent by McCaffery, so stop with your baseless “chest thumping.” If your client claims the emails have been altered, forward the intact emails and Faux Reality will post same. Furthermore, your interpretation of the law is strained. A recipient can disclose email – McCaffery disclosed it to prove that Johnston was lying to people about how much she paid McCaffery. Faux Reality received the email and tweeted same.
Fourth, Johnston’s direct messages indicate that she paid McCaffery $8,000 but Johnston’s email indicate she paid McCaffery thousands less. Either way, money exchanged hands and it was to prompt Johnston’s “friends” to get McCaffery to pursue litigation against Bling for a non existent copyright.
Fifth, how exactly do you state that McCaffery is a“cohort” when Johnston is the one who has been funding her thousands of dollars and publically endorsing her? Johnston’s lackey is currently on twitter tweeting that McCaffery was hired “to investigate Faux and Friends.” Your allegations defy logic.
Six, Faux Reality has never emailed Johnston’s employer. Good to know she is employed with all the time she devotes to social media, twitter wars, blogs and twitlongers trying to explain her shadiness.
The three articles regarding Johnston and her shady association with Rise and Stand, McCaffery, Queenz of Media, Jill Ishkanian are accurate and will remain on the Faux Reality website.
Johnston is well known for her tactics in tweeting so that her followers attack people who she perceives have slighted or criticized her. The Faux Reality witness list will be long and all consuming. Johnston encourages some of the biggest abusers on twitter to assist her – people she herself labeled bullies to me AND OTHERS in Direct Messaging before she joined forces with them. 
This is one of dozens of direct messages Johnston has sent people regarding Queenz of Media who Johnston now encourages to attack on her behalf: 
(This was from 4 yrs ago, some tweet saying "Q is accusing me of being a drunk." I can't seem to be able to post it.)

As far as your claim that “your client never engages,” that’s comical. Johnston was on her soap box tonight as usual. This is one of hundreds of examples of Johnston engaging without provocation. “Margaret” did not @ Johnston and Margaret’s tweet was from November 25, 2014! – So why did Johnston search thru Margaret’s timeline for a tweet THEN mention Faux? That’s not just engaging, that’s obsessive creepy bi polar social media behavior:
You identify @FauxReelMedia, @Faux_Reality and @_Faux_says as ”blogs.” They are not. They are twitter handles. They are not owned by Vincenza Spina. Faux Reality has not unlawfully obtained any email, nor altered any email. Faux Reality was forwarded email FROM ONE OF THE NUMEROUS RECIPIENTS of the email. So if these are the lies that you forwarded to Twitter to get Faux Reality related accounts suspended, we will deal with you, your firm and your client for attempting to censor and negatively impacting the website.
As far as the image made part of the November, 2014 article, the image was taken from twitter, given the appropriate tag and is being used in an article to inform, not to advertise or to profit.
Thank you for quoting the California Penal and Civil Code. Aside from the fact there are jurisdictional hurdles, none apply in this case. What does apply, however, is the fact that your client Kristen Johnston has encouraged and promoted Rise and Stand, Kitty McCaffery, Queenz of Media, Jill Ishkanian, ThorazineDrip and approximately 30 troll accounts to publish private, financial and employment information about Faux Reality, my friends and their children. Several have already contacted the police, federal authorities and lawyers – all tied to your client.

Therefore, I suggest your client publically apologize to Bling, Faux Reality Entertainment and publically condemn the posting of confidential information by Kitty McCaffery, Jill Ishkanian and Queenz of Media (Skyler St Coxx) and retract any cease and desist letters to Twitter and my providers, barring same, I suggest you name the correct parties, perfect your jurisdictional deficiencies and clean up your client because Kristen Johnston is as dirty as they come. 


It's simple: some people want their 15 minutes of fame, and want to get it for free by taking on the famous. Give 'em an inch and they'll try to move into your beach cottage. Sad, really. I hope these people get help.
I just can't stand that someone wished you had OD'd. It is horrific what some people will do just to make themselves feel better. 
  1. image013.png
The response to the C&D reads as a psychopath, interesting Faux Reality brings "bling" in to this. 
  1. image013.png
I thought my comment posted?
  1. image013.png
Correction Kristen,
Vincenza Leonelli Spina went by the following handles that we all know of; by usuing all these handles, Vincenza Spina Leonelli name squats.
Gregslosehole,FauxRealityEnt,FauxRealityE,FauxRealityE,Faux_Rises, The Antello names, Buckwheat_media Bukwheat_media
There are so many names, Vincenza name squats these names because she knows she will be suspended with in due time.

I like how Vincenza tries to spin the truth. She did a post on Kristen. Illana Angel documented what happened at the Leann Rimes concert because she was there, Vincenza was not there, Leann Rimes is either feeding Vincenza this information or Vincenza is making it making it up.
  1. image013.png
my mind is playing tricks on me. I was reading the comments and went to reply and realized I had two browsers open,I refreshed and this comment is not there. I wanted tell this brave person she is couragoues for speaking up.
    1. image013.png
it was my comment, Its okay and thank you. For some reason she took it down and its okay. 
    1. <image014.jpg>
I have not taken down any comments, anonymous

  1. image013.png
  1. image013.png
This hurts my heart for you. In the words of Stuart Smalley, "You are good enough, you are smart enough and doggone it, people like you".

Seriously though, I'm sure that you understand that these kind of people are just inexplicably hateful and cruel. But, every victim of bullying should be told that for every ONE bully full of shallow hate, there are MANY people full of a much deeper and appreciation and affection for you. Those who lack your strength and confidence often forget that.

From my perspective, you are smart, funny, talented and tough. I am impressed by you as an actress and author, appreciative of your passion for animals and inspired by your struggles with addiction and fight for your health. I suspect that my appreciation for you will continue to grow as you continue to impress and inspire people through your specific conflict with these callous cyber bullies and, by extension, the overall problem of relentless bullying.
  1. image013.png
Just like a psychopath, Vincenza's response has nothing to do with the Cease and Desist itself. Vinnie attempts to make herself look like a hero by "reporting" on issues that have nothing to do with her. 
  1. image013.png
I loved the part "long witness list". ������������ How many of her personalities does she plan on bringing?
  1. image015.png
This is all just insane. Its a shame people have so little going on in their own lives that they have to resort to trying, i repeat, TRYING to destroy the life of a very talented, caring, smart, strong, successful and amazing woman. My heart goes out to you kristen for having to even acknowledge these sociopaths, let alone deal with them. I wish there was something that all of us that adore you could do, to somehow make all this go away so that you could get back to doing what we and you love, interacting and communicating with all of us that love you and making us laugh! Thinking of you, and in total support of anything you need from us...
We will see you at a taping very soon!
  1. image013.png
I am sorry that you have to put up with this, it makes no sense how or why someone can spend their life literally harassing people.
I read the original post and wanted the link about Vinnie's disbarment?
There are other things missing as well. I thought your original post had something about Faux doing something to your friend Ed am I reading this wrong? I bookmarked the original post yesterday and am commenting here since this is the new post.

This is the only advice I can give you, Kristen. You are either going to have to file a lawsuit or go to the police for this to stop, I know Vinnie/Faux's type and that is the only way this will stop. I know it sucks and takes time and energy, just by reading some of the other blogs and with all these identities, after having her identity revealed, there is no shame and that is what is scary. Who does this person think she is to police the INTERNET?!

read your post about your new dog, bless you and thank you, for someone who rescues dogs, I know how hard it is to care for special needs dog, it's more emotional than anything, it's also rewarding. you'll never have to worry about sleeping alone. ;-) 
  1. <image016.jpg>
Life is about lessons and learning. I have been the victim of this type of behavior on and off. I will say not to the extent of your's Kristen or others, but none-the-less, it has negatively impacted my life. Lesson one, I don't care how much a person has begged, made pleas for money, don't do it. If they have a legit charity, then donate to the charity. Giving money online is a suckers bet. Think of the good that could have been done with the thousands you gave to Kitty? Be smart, that means not getting personally involved with Twitter followers. I have never met one person on Twitter who was 100% honest. I have been told they are CIA, Black Ops, Ex LA Cops, Million Dollar Real Estate Brokers, hob knob with so and so and so on. Most of which leaves me thinking...if these people were so important, what in the hell are they doing on Twitter and posting like crazy? Most drink, most drug. I have spoken on the phone with several of my own followers and they were so drunk I could barely understand them as they told me they were drinking and on this major painkiller and then 2 minutes later say there were on another one...

I have been stalked, threatened and harassed on Twitter. I am just a poor slob who is Bipolar and have nothing for these freaks to take, they usually find that out and then move on. About 4 years ago I wrote a blog about the "Gangs of Twitter - When You're a Jet". None of this is new and while I think much of what and how you interact on Twitter is not in your own best interest Kristen I applaud your coming fourth and putting all the information on the table. The only way to defeat darkness is to throw light on it. This is what you have done.

Never in my life have I seen such ugly behaviors by people. I have a snark sense of humor and will offer my opinion but band together and set an agenda to destroy, defame or hurt another? It just disgusts me. I wish you well on this battle. Its is far from over. These types continue even when they are outed...they are very twisted individuals. As long as there is they can hide behind false names and in the darkness of the net...there will be those like Faux, Ada's Heart, Honnie and etc. who will attempt to do harm. Mintedroyalty 
  1. image013.png
This woman has also targeted and harassed me. I had no idea who she was and she came out of the woodwork threatening me. She posted lies and threatened to contact my employer and my church. 
  1. image013.png
Interesting that tne reply to the C&D started quite professionally and degraded into shorthand or 'online spelling' as the anger seemed to start rising. Clearly an unstable mind is behind this desponse.
Please take care kjo as this person seems fixated on you in a scary way. 
  1. <image017.png>
When I saw these tweets, my mouth shot open in shock. Can't believe people can be so ugly. That "one-on-one conversation" defames a good person who doesn't deserve it. Kristen is one of the kindest people in the world. This kind of activity is ruining Twitter. One of the sweetest aspects of Twitter is communication between celebrities and fans. I don't understand why Twitter isn't doing more to track and block people who constantly open accounts just to harass/terrorize someone. This goes beyond mere trolldom to full-on stalkerhood and criminal behavior. Sickening.

I got to know you through 3rd Rock from the Sun, one of the greatest shows around, every cast member of which was PERFECT. Kristen Johnston, John Lithgow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, French Stewart -- we couldn't have asked for a better cast. And then to read your book and interact with you on twitter and facebook, I learned what a warmhearted, lovely person you are. The fact that some sociopaths see a kind heart and want to stab it repeatedly is beyond me. I am glad you have an attorney to deal with this now. I hope that he can take some of the pressure and ugliness off you. I hate that you can even repeat the stuff those horrid monsters said to/about you. I hate that it has even invaded your consciousness at all. I am so sorry. If your fans can do something to help, please let us know. Don't take this all on yourself. Chris, harrysmom1

[BTW, i tried to tweet in support of your friend Ed but may have gotten the account name wrong. I am sorry they are attacking him, too.]

I'm watching The Exes and you just said the point of the wedding. ROFLMAO!!!!!
    1. image015.png
ChrisCleo - My account no longer exists, Vinnie and Brandon used an automated system to mass report and have me suspended for the 3rd time, which is likely permanent.

Thanks for the support. 
    1. <image017.png>
if only they could use their power for good. can you imagine? so many horrificly creepy commenters could be stopped. ~chris
  1. image013.png

Koo MundayFebruary 2, 2015 at 12:42 PM
As much as you would hope that the human race has evolved, there still are those savage barbarians. The putrid vitriol and the disgusting manner in which they conduct themselves SHOULD be actionable. So sorry for all the victims, to have to defend yourself against baseless rumors is horrible. SMH
  1. image013.png
dana rhodesFebruary 2, 2015 at 2:11 PM
Wow Kristen....That is absolutely insane. So sorry you are going through this. Speachless....
  1. image013.png
Wendy SchevelFebruary 2, 2015 at 2:14 PM
I can not even fathom how anyone could be so cruel, nasty and disgusting. It is very sad to read all of that. You are a very strong woman, but I know that has to hurt. I am so so sorry. And by the way.. You are an amazing and entertaining actress. I adore you and always will. Good luck. I hope this will be the end of them trying so hard to ruin peoples lives.
  1. image013.png
kimcandidFebruary 2, 2015 at 2:24 PM
There sure are crappy people out there in the world! I'm so sorry you are going through this, but god damn you make me so proud that you are standing up and taking charge of the situation!!! GO KRISTEN!!!!!
  1. image013.png
LoriGFebruary 2, 2015 at 2:26 PM
Completely horrifying. I only saw a few of these tweets, but the ones that I did see were so twisted that I thought surely no one would believe them. When someone sounds like a lunatic, I generally disregard their words and assumed others would do the same. The tweets above are a perfect example. Dozens of hateful, twisted accusations then this, "I usually don't participate in shit talking...". You don't? Since when? 30 seconds ago? It's laughable.

I had no idea of the depth, scope and length of time this has been going on. No wonder you have been pushed to the brink. I had to temporarily unfollow poor Ed because he has been trying to defend himself and consequently, I see the engagement on my Twitter feed. I don't want to see it, it's ugly.

I hope your lawyer successfully puts an end to this soon. I hope the stress isn't exacerbating your lupus. I hope the victims in this have their lives and reputations fully restored. I also hope cyber-bullying gets a stronger advocate than Kitty. (How does an anti-bullying crusader share someone's personal emails?)

I imagine it is difficult to be encouraged by words of support after all this time, but I offer them anyway. It's great to see that you are staying on Twitter. Your strength is admirable and you have a powerful message that needs to be shared. You have guts, Kristen Johnston. You truly do.
  1. image013.png
Crochet by MicheleFebruary 2, 2015 at 2:54 PM
it's insane to say the least. NO ONE should have to endure this type of relentless hateful harassment.

I love you. SO MUCH! You are a strong, empowered and brave woman who walks the walk every single day. They cannot take that away from you.

I pray for an end to this and am SO PROUD of you for sharing this because you , like always, are probably helping someone but coming forward with this.

I love you my dear friend.
  1. image013.png
Donnna BlackFebruary 2, 2015 at 4:08 PM
I had to stop in the middle of this just because the cruelty of this woman is horrendous. I know cruelty way to well, & you my friend do not deserve it. What amazes me is people really believe they can get away with distroying other people. Ms Kjo, you are a strong person who has taught me a lot. I like how you practice your own advice, & thrive with all your courage. I am proud of your sobriety, how you advise other's, your smartass humor, & yours strength. You deserve nothing but respect.
  1. image013.png
AnonymousFebruary 2, 2015 at 5:05 PM
It looks to me like you are both guilty. You have stated facts and jabs at these people, which shows you have sunk to their level. Why open a forum then delete the posts you don't like? Did you egg any of this on? I believe you did. Talking about your private medical issues for sympathy just makes you look worse.Toughen up, turn the other cheek, and move on.
    1. <image014.jpg>
KJoFebruary 3, 2015 at 9:05 PM
Dear Anonymous

You are one classy broad.
I have deleted NOT ONE comment, including your own utterly foul one.

If you only had the balls to sign your own name.

You are the height of misinformed, uneducated, offensive and deeply misguided.

Even so, I hope you never have to silently endure years of lies, torment, rudeness & depravaty.
I wouldn't wish this even on you.

Enjoy your time with your sick friends.

With zero respect

Kristen Johnston
    1. image013.png
AnonymousFebruary 2, 2015 at 9:03 PM
Please do NOT apologize for Fauz aka Vincenza Spina or Brandon King. There are many that counted them as friends and are sickened to find out what they have truly been up to using their resources to go after people who did not fall in line with their objectives. Now that Vincenza has been 100% outed as who she really is in real life not just by the incredibly detailed an irrefutable dox done by Grace, but by others who have actually spoken to Faux aka Toni aka Antonella on the phone and confirmed 100% it is the same person and voice as Vincenza Spina in the videos. Subsequently, the Faux/King hate machine has ramped up several hundred notches.

What neither of them count on is the decent people who have woken up to the truth and will not stand by and let them get away with this. There are emails and other correspondence with those that USED to be their friends that WILL come to light if Vincenza and King continue down their path of harassment. The details of which will be most damaging to any hopes either of them have to forging ahead with lawsuits or salvaging what little is left of their tattered reputations.

Ms. Johnston, just know there are so many of us supporting you who are fans and know the real truth. Stay strong.
  1. image013.png
JaneFebruary 2, 2015 at 5:19 PM
This is truly sickening. I couldn't even bring myself to click the links to see any further info. It hurts to know that you and many others have gone/are going through this utter nonsense. This is a whole kind of evil I didn't know existed. Wish you didn't have this story to share, but proud of your for exposing the truth.
  1. image013.png
Bill StoutFebruary 2, 2015 at 5:44 PM
It's unbelievable how low people will go,
So proud of your work and heart,,,,Stay Strong
  1. image013.png
KellyFebruary 2, 2015 at 7:04 PM
Vincenza is asking for proof you were harassed for three years. Considering Vincenza Spina changes her her name every other day, had many twitter accounts suspended and now the tweets don't exist, this is a true narcissist and con artist at work. Kristen, I am so sorry you went through this with Vincenza, the day Vincenza came on twitter as @gregslosehole she has always had targets.
  1. image013.png
KellyFebruary 2, 2015 at 7:05 PM
That is another thing, Vincenza Spina deletes her tweets. Coward.
  1. image013.png
AnonymousFebruary 2, 2015 at 7:36 PM
I'm sorry for all you have been through, as well as my friends. I never personally had interactions with these 2 people or even you. However when you go after my friends, especially their children...gloves are off! FTR I am the one that had the picture taken with Oliver Peck. Oliver was amused. There were MANY MANY MORE taken that night & I'm glad it got under his skin. I own the photos, they are all located conveniently on my camera & my computer...dated & time stamped with the location. So good luck to him...& Happy Birthday BK! HAHAHAHA ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  1. image013.png
morgancraven97February 2, 2015 at 7:41 PM
I'm so sorry you have to go through this. You of all people don't deserve this. NO ONE deserves this kind of treatment from anyone. It's terrifying to think that there are people like this in the world and on social media. I'm SO proud of you for raising awareness and taking action to stop these people before they hurt anyone else. Love you, my strong, beautiful friend...
  1. image013.png
AnonymousFebruary 2, 2015 at 9:49 PM
God damn, but after reading this I feel like I just witnessed the scene in the Wizard of Oz when the house came flying down and landed on the Wicked Witch of the East aka The New Jersey Devil Vincenza. Queenz is the Good Witch, Ed is theTin Man and you Kjo is Dorothy and all of twitter is chanting ding-dong the witch is dead!
  1. image013.png
AnonymousFebruary 2, 2015 at 11:20 PM
I think your lawyer should ask for a psychiatric report on these people, once it gets to court.
  1. image013.png
Usher BobFebruary 3, 2015 at 4:14 AM
This is appalling and disgusting and I truly marvel at your continued strength. xoxo
  1. image013.png
AnonymousFebruary 3, 2015 at 6:01 AM
Some of you may remember Kristen attempting to contact an anonymous person who had reached out to her several months ago. I am that person. I believe I had three or four interactions with Kristen before she made the decision to find me.

I'd like to share my thoughts and I'd like those who read this really think about my statements.

First of all, now that Kristen has shared with us what she's been going through I am in awe she took the leap of faith to go out of her way to devise a full proof plan to allow me to reach her. For all Kristen knew, I could have been one of these immoral people trying to 'play' her. However, instead of ignoring me she took the risk. While these evil people are spending their time plotting and scheming, Kristen is goingout of her way to be productive in her recovery. For that I thank her.

Secondly, let's be realistic in our thoughts. I will not stoop to the level of these horrible people by stating their past or current issues and standings in society, but let's think about Kristen. Do any of you really think a working woman, battling a chronic illness, who is dedicated to lifting up addicts, spends any of her energy on these evil people?

Lastly, why do these people choose to attack WHAT Kristen is? In their words, a d-list actress, an addict, a manipulator, etc. I think all that have had any interaction with Kristen know WHO she is. She's compassionate, honest, caring, uplifting, etc.

I have a challenge. Let's all take a break from giving these terrible people any of our time and perhaps send Kristen words of encouragement,even if it's a one word tweet. Let's reach out to Kristen as she has reached out to us.

Thank you
    1. image013.png
AnonymousFebruary 3, 2015 at 11:59 AM
Graciously and well said. Bravo
  1. <image014.jpg>
KJoFebruary 7, 2015 at 11:43 AM
To my dear friend...
Thank you profusely for your kind words. I love you
  1. image013.png
Jackie C.February 3, 2015 at 8:20 AM
I'm almost speechless. Almost. The hate I have witnessed on Twitter is sickening. For what it's worth just keep doing what I've seen you do, which is helping other addicts, promoting your show, sharing your book, and in general lifting people up and making us all laugh when we so desperately need it. xoxo
  1. image013.png
MicheleFebruary 3, 2015 at 10:40 AM
Yesterday was my 30th wedding anniversary and our daughter gave us the best present she could ever give us. She entered a rehab facility in FL about 9 hours away. You are partly credited with this because your book had a profound effect on her. These are vile people. Thank you for your candor and your GUTS.
  1. image013.png
Wendy CFebruary 3, 2015 at 11:12 AM
This just sickens me. I don't even nave the words to express how much. You know (I hope!) that I adore you... I, for one, thank God for you and for GUTS and for the laughter you have brought to my often laughter-less life! Thank you for all that you do and for bein the amazing person that you are!
  1. <image014.jpg>

@QueenzOfMedia has been an eaxtraordinary friend of mine. She has supported me, and shown remarkable grace & kindness toward me during this very trying time.

Many years ago, she & I had a disagreement on another matter & I ended up blocking her. This was long before I knew of Faux or Queenz involvelment with her.

Re; James Gibney...He reached out to me once recently to express his support. I have no knowledge of anything else he's done. Since I'm now off twitter, it doesn't matter to me.

If he's caused harm to anyone, I'm so sorry, but that's your fight. My issue is solely with the people mentioned in my blog above. I can't take on every person, whether they've caused harm or not.

Finally, there are many, many people who believed in Vinceza Spina for years & supported her...who now see her for who she really is. Quite a few of these people have come forward wanting to help in any way they can.

Whether Mr. Gibney falls into this catergory or not, people change. I'm living proof.

If you'd like to express your feelings about him or anyone else not mentioned in my blog, I welcome you to sign up for your own blog where you can say whatever you'd like.

Please keep any comments solely focused on the blog above. I won't delete any, whether positive or negative.

However, from this moment forward, I will delete any comments that aren't about GUTLESS.

Thank you for understanding

I'll update you as necessary.


Kristen Johnston

  1. image013.png
yep-I'm to chicken-s to sign this but just so you know Kjo, when you took time off to deal with lupus, was a good thing and hopefully you don't let the garbage go too far before taking a break, you are better than this nonsense.
  1. image015.png
  1. <image018.jpg>
Kristin, you have GUTS! What these Scumbags have done to you & others is a disgrace!
I can only speak for myself & say I've NEVER experienced this level of Bullying & can only hope that you, Kristen, come out with some justice & Peace. Hugs K
  1. image013.png
I listened in to @hydrapotomos (Mike Arpey's) Blog Talk Radio show last night. Queenz came on and so did Ed Brophy and other victims of Vincenza Spina.

I had no idea she had gone this far and literally cost people their jobs to the point where they might become homeless. And that she continues to harass these people to this day. All over a disagreement on Twitter. How has she continued to get away with this? What a horrible human being

I hope Mr. Arpey can get the support he's seeking regarding a fund he mentioned (a non profit organization) designed to help people who are victims of people like Ms. Spina but who make lack the financial resources to take legal action.

Hearing first hand what she has done to others literally made me sick.

I'm sorry to see what you've had to go through Kirstin and I wish you and ALL of Vincenza's victims the best of luck and hopefully one day, justice.
  1. image019.jpg
Wow! This is outrageous... I only speak for myself when I say that you've given your all for a lot of wonderful causes & people in your life. Including me who loves your GUTLESS blog for what it was originally intended for. That your hope & experience could reach out to others with the same affliction. Along with your hilarious sense of humor cuz God knows we all need that! Let's get back to basics & let Kristen do her thank!! :)
49.   Just wanted to send you some love!

Rainbow Fart
  1. image013.png
I've recently started following you since I read GUTS, after being a long-time 3RFTS fan. I'm so sorry to see that people are wasting their energy on trying to pull you down.

After seeing the blog, the book, and the clips I've seen of you on The Exes and other work you've done, I'm a bigger fan than ever. You come off as a strong, funny, beautiful woman, and not least, a survivor. No... a thriver! Thrive on, sista. I hope this other stuff clears up soon.

Thank you for sharing your experience with addiction and sobriety in GUTS. I'm in awe. Your sense of self in your writing - your voice - is so strong to me, that's what I love the most. Wishing you all the best!

-Fellow Tall Girl
  1. image013.png
Hello Kristen,
As I originally came across your blog unconventionally; I found your words to be quite inspiring, but also, I felt as though you wrote what people think. Being a celebrity, you have a great voice of help and encouragement that you can and have given to people, especially where your passion lies, which is with drug addicted teens and noble efforts to start a sober school. I am glad to hear that you have dropped Twitter. I personally do not have Twitter, as I wouldn't want just anyone following me. As I do have Facebook, the only 'friends' I have are people who I know, and mostly friends from church. I am sorry to hear that you have been treated so terribly by these people. I am certain that you have true and beautiful friendships in your life that are intimate and real. I just encourage you merely from one person to another to throw yourself into those relationships and into your work for teens. Unfortunately in life, there are more people out there who seek to build others up, and sadly, it will always be that way. You also have a great blog here, where you can share ideas and opinions. One nice thing to, is mostly,from what I've seen, is your blog readers seem positive in there responses. Maybe you might consider just having your blog, if that is something you decide to do. I had never heard about sober schools or SLAM until I came across your blog, but because of it, I did and was happy to donate to the charity(even though I wasn't able to donate much). I hope that you can find encouragement in my words, as that is what I intend in them. I do want to tell you, and I hope you are not bothered by it, but I was the one who answered the questions posted on your advice blog. I want you to know that it was in no way to undermine you at all, and the only reason I did it, was because I didn't want anyones feelings hurt that you didn't respond, or for some reason think there concerns weren't valid, and just took the time to do it when I saw it had been some time without response which I sure because you were busy. Forgive me if it frustrated you. But with having said that, I think your idea of wanting to do an advice column is good, and much more rewarding than Twitter probably is. I hope the best for you and your true friendships, and life passion of helping start a sober high school for teens.
    1. image013.png
Oops I made a typo... I meant to say unfortunately there are more people out there who do not seek to build others up. I wish it were the other way around